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From watching videos to information and shopping!
in mSTUV!
mSTUV is a video tagging service platform.
mSTUV effectively connects users and products within the
video through tags without disrupting viewing such as banner ads.
Also, the accumulated meta-data from the tags of users and advertisers will satisfy users and advertisers at the same time by linking products and services that users are most interested in the video.

One Stop

While watching videos,
everything from tagging to
shopping is possible.


You can select only the
part you want in the long video,
and find out the information
you are interested in right away.


You can communicate
with trendy videos
and hot user tags.

– That bag is so pretty, Where should I buy it?
– Where is that coffee brand?
– Wow, who is the celebrity in this scene?
– Oh my! I want to share this scene!
– I’d like to go to this place, where is it?
Can’t we watch the
video without ads?

mSTUV started from How can we easily find various questions that arise while watching video.

While watching a video, when we are curious about the name of a person in the video, or want to know the information of the product, there is an inconvenience of stopping the video and searching for information through another browser or application.
However, with mSTUV, you can enjoy watching videos, find information in the video with tag data from other users and advertisers, and even do one-click shopping.

What is mSTUV video ‘tagging’?

Tagging is to write comments about your thoughts and experiences by
matching them to the time of the video scene while watching the video.
When you input a comment, the time of the tagged scene is automatically added.

When users’ tags are gathered, you can easily find the
most popular sections of the video or additional information,
and share your favorite scenes.

Let’s share the experience of watching videos !

Enjoy a wide variety of information with
user tags and event tags!

When you tap a user’s tag, you move to the point
at which the user tagged it.

In addition, you can check various information such as shopping,
location and phone number, brand, and person by
clicking the event tag icon.
Easily enjoy Tags !

‘Key tag’ related information and shopping
in one place?

The key tag right below the video shows information about the video.
Tap the key tag to view related images, videos and shopping malls.

Advertisers can effectively promote their products by
tagging the scenes where their products appear.
From watching videos to searching enhance
your viewing experience !

App Download
Enjoy mSTUV right now!

This app is available for your smart phone!

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